Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds. Because of Coach Cary’s 25 years of experience as a health care professional and business owner, we have clients that are doctors, therapists, and clinics.


Coach Cary has over 20 years of experience running marathons.   He is active and often writes about his training and the events he has or is participating in.  If you are an aspiring runner, or want to improve your marathon experience, our coaching and webinars are for you.  


Do you want to lose weight?  Coach Cary lost 30 pounds in 100 days and wrote about it in his book called the 100 Day Diet.  He offers coaching and webinars for people that want to lose weight and get in better shape.


Finally, Coach Cary has published 4 books on Amazon and is working on his 5th, a medical fictional thriller.  If you are an aspiring writer and want to self publish you e-book, paperback or audiobook, Coach Cary can help you with the writing process, formatting and publication in all 3 formats.  


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Doctors, Therapists, and Clinics

Coach Cary has been a health professional for over 25 years.  He has successfully started, managed, and sold health care practices and related businesses.


Runners and Marathoners

Coach Cary has been running for over 20 years.   He has participated in over 15 marathons. 

His background as a Health Professional and runner has helped athletes accomplish their goals and dreams.


Weight Loss

Coach Cary has struggled with being overweight most of his life.

He was teased at school and that has stayed with him into his adult life.  After many failed attempts to lose weight, he researched the science behind weight loss.

He applied the research and lost 30 pounds in 100 days and wrote a book about it called "100 Day Diet" that included low carb tips, intermittent fasting, and lifestyle changes to lose weight.



Coach Cary has published 4 books on Amazon in paperback, e-book, and audiobook formats.

If you are an aspiring writer, and want help from writing, formatting, producing, and publishing your book ideas, we can help!