Prayer is important

I grew up going to church with my family. We attended service almost every Sunday. The church we went to was very "formal" with a routine that was followed each Sunday.

Going to church every Sunday laid the foundation for my future prayer life. I studied how to talk to God. How to listen. And how to find answers to questions I had. I also prayed for others that needed help in my family, my patients, and my business.

The benefits of prayer are many. In this article on CNN it outlines:

  1. People often turn to prayer in situations where they experience intense negative feelings, such as anger, grief or fear

  2. Studies have associated prayer with a sense of calmness, peace, encouragement or social support

  3. A 2011 study found prayer can help reduce anger and aggression:

  4. Prayer may help people see situations 'in a new light' or from a different perspective

But how should one pray? I have watched Joseph Prince several times and went back to a video on how to pray. You can watch it here.

Prayer takes practice, and it is a dialogue with God. I found it really beneficial during my weight loss journey in 2021.

I studied ways to get my mental health ready for weight loss, and prayer was a key part in addition to meditation, gratitude journaling and visualization.

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