It's Marathon Week, time to tell some stories ...

It’s Marathon Week! I wanted to share some stories with you this week about running, the Manitoba Marathon and growing up in Winnipeg.

I am wearing the 2012 full marathon medal today. The full marathon is different than the half marathon. The strategy differs. Growing up in Winnipeg was fantastic. I grew up in the Ukrainian community. Many good memories at socials at the UNF hall. In my 20's, I lived at the Fort Garry Place and my roommate was Steve Batten. He was a great runner in high school. And he taught me how to run. He gave me tips. And introduced me to my first marathon. That is where I caught the bug. Now I run on a regular basis. I love it. And I encourage you to train and try your first 5k, 10k or half marathon. If you need help, I have been coaching athletes, runners, and people who get healthier and may want to participate in their first event. To sign up for an initial session, go here: Talk to you again this week!

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