Inflation is here, what can we expect in the future?

Inflation rates are rising, higher than the 2% target that is set by most governments in the Western world.

But what can we expect going forward? It may take time for inflation rates to come down as the money supply has increased during Covid including government spending.

Prices of everyday items have gone up, and food, gas, and other items are on the rise. So what can we expect going forward? I often turn to research to make good decisions. The last time inflation was this high, the US took action to raise interest rates. This is a good article on how that was done:

Can we expect interest rates to rise this time? And will the economy go into a recession? I think there is a good chance this may happen. And if it does, we should be prepared for it.

Investing in assets that rise with inflation is a good idea. At True North, we focus on wealth, health, and happiness with our clients.

What types of assets do best with inflation? Here is a list from this article at CNBC:

  1. TIPS

  2. Cash

  3. Short term bonds

  4. Stocks

  5. Real estate

  6. Gold

  7. Commodities

  8. Cryptocurrency

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