Are you feeling burned out trying to grow your clinic?

Many health professionals are well trained to help patients get better. But what they do not teach in school is how to run a business.

I personally learned how to run a business from business coaches and making mistakes. But you don't have to make the same mistakes and get burned out in the process.

Here is a good article that I read about going into "Low Power Mode" and focusing on what really matters:

What really matters when you are trying to grow a practice?

  1. Growing your critical mass of patients

  2. Getting referrals by providing excellent care with your critical mass of patients

  3. Reaching out to people in your community through social media marketing

  4. Building your network in person and online

So how do you take action on the above 4 steps? Join me for a free webinar called "5 ways for Health Professionals to grow their practices" We will dig deeper into this topic at the webinar.

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I hope to see you at one of our events or groups soon!

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