Are you a health professional that wants more clients?

Recently, I read this article from Tony Robbins called "How to Market Your Chiropractic Services";

At True North, we help health professionals grow and manage their practices. In fact, we are hosting a free webinar on September 28 called "5 ways for Health Professionals to get new clients and grow their practices". You can get a free ticket by clicking here:

At the webinar, we will touch on organic ways to grow your business, how to network in your community, and how to use paid advertising on social media to hit your new patient goals.

We will follow up with a paid Masterclass to get more into the details of new client growth and management. The Masterclass is on October 5th. To get an Early Bird discounted ticket (space is limited), click here:

To get an initial free strategy call with Dr. Cary, click here and choose "Professional Coaching".

Dr. Cary Yurkiw founded True North in 2020 to help health professionals with their practice.

He has over 25 years of successful practice experience building great teams and businesses.

He has worked with over 60 clinics. Join True North today to succeed in your practice and build a great team!

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