Are you a doctor or therapist that wants to grow your practice?

I graduated from Chiropractic College with extensive knowledge of how the body works and how to diagnose and treat patients with a variety of conditions. What I wasn't taught is how to grow my practice. The College did not offer any courses in business or management.

So, I had to learn from the "school of hard knocks" or experience. In those early days, I did make many mistakes. Some of those mistakes were costly.

Then I learned about consulting and coaching services. Some of my colleagues were going to seminars on business growth and management. I joined them. And soon my practice began to grow,

I was not prepared for the quick growth, and could not manage all the new patients that were coming to the office. The growth was not sustainable. Which was another good lesson for me. I needed to plan better to manage my practice growth.

I made a plan going forward, something called a pro forma statement so that I could review the plan with stakeholders like my staff, family, and bank. To grow and sustain the growth, everyone would need to be on board.

Eventually, I needed to hire staff to help me. Our practice grew and grew, and I was able to manage that growth successfully.

Now I am offering you my expertise on practice growth. Join me for my free webinar this week by clicking here:

If you are more interested in the strategy behind growing practices and want to make plans for your growth, join me for my paid Masterclass later this week by clicking here:

There are still a few spots available for my Platinum Coaching group that starts on December 1. To learn more about joining this group, click here and go to Platinum HCP.

I hope to see you soon!

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