Hi There

My name is Dr. Cary Yurkiw, DC, founder of True North.  After 25 years of business and private practice as a health professional, I decided to start True North.  The goal is to help people pursue their True North, dreams and goals in business and life.

How do I help my clients?


I offer coaching sessions with support via text or email between calls.   The goal is to encourage my clients to follow their True North and mission in life, grow, develop skills and overcome obstacles to achieve their dreams and goals.  

My style is different from other coaches who rely on charisma and the ideology to "do what I did" and you will be successful.  

I believe every person has a God-given mission in life and that is their True North, not mine.

I also offer free webinars to introduce our service and products to prospective clients.  And then Masterclasses on specific topics to teach clients valuable skills to be successful on their journey.



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More about finding your "True North"

Your True North is based on your belief system.  Why are you here and what contribution are your going to make to the greater good in the world?


I believe every person has a God given potential, mission and vision in life.  But sometimes, we lose our way.   

Maybe people tell us to follow their True North, not ours.  Maybe the person loses hope after several failures.  Or maybe they are just too scared to start on their journey because they feel that they are not "good enough". 

I know all of these feelings personally.  And I also, know how to overcome these challenges and help others to do the same.

It all starts with a discussion to explore the client's goals and dreams. Then a plan is made on how to get there and the action steps needed.  It will take time, and there will be obstacles and lessons to learn.  

This is where coaching comes in.  Follow-up sessions are booked. Coaching sessions help the client to:

  1. Stay focused on the goals

  2. Offer encouragement when times get tough

  3. Accountability to commitments made on previous calls

  4. Discussion about obstacles and ways to overcome them

  5. Celebration of steps taken and goals achieved


We often work in cycles.  We suggest a 100 day cycle to achieve short term and medium term goals.   Some long term goals may take more than one cycle.

Within the 100 day cycle, we use 30 day mini cycles to stay focused and move goals ahead re-setting new goals are short term ones are acheived.  There are 10 days devoted to set goals at the beginning of the cycle, between 30 day mini cycles, and at the end of the 100 day period.

Are you ready to be healthier, happier, and wealthier in 100 days than you are now? 


Join us today!